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  1. Francois Botha

    New Missing translation(?) in Power Widget

    Hi, please see attached screenshot of the standard power widget. Seems there is a missing translation or something.
  2. Francois Botha

    Why is there no cursor when magnifier is enabled?

    In System Settings > Language & input one can enable /disable the magnifier. But this setting does more than the title implies: when magnifier is enabled, there is no draggable cursor to show the current position in a piece of input text. That is only there if the magnifier is disabled...
  3. Francois Botha

    New Long-press to paste selects trailing spaces

    Suppose I have some text in my clipboard that I want to append at the back of some other existing text which ends in a space, e.g. like this: in clipboard: "This is copied text". in textbox: "This is the first sentence. " (notice the trailing space) So I long-press on the textbox so that I...
  4. Francois Botha

    Save MMS image to storage

    How do I do this? I received a standard image via MMS. I can open it in the standard gallery or my QuickPic application. Neither of the applications can save nor share the image. Is there any way for me to save the image to storage? Samsung Galaxy SII MIUI 2.11.2