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  1. dyleck

    OTG is not working

    Anyone having issue with OTG? I am plugging OTG pendrive (which works flawlessly on SGS3 with MIUI v5) and nothing happens. I have downloaded OTG Troubleshooter and it detects OTG Host, Detects OTG event when device is being plugged and does not detect device under Linux nor Android. :( Is this...
  2. dyleck

    2.6.22 - SGS2 - device boot loop

    Hello, There is bootloop on my device. Device reboots around 15 seconds after the lockscreen shows up. I am attaching the logcat from power on up to restart. If there is something more I could do just let me know. Best
  3. dyleck

    New SGS2 - WIFI and GPS toggles not working

    Hi, Very often the mentioned toggle buttons on status bar do not work. Regarding the GPS when I click the button nothing happens - no color change, nothng. I am not able to toggle GPS from the Settings as well. As for WIFI the toggle work, but the connection to the network never happens...
  4. dyleck

    New SMS Replacement APP - 2.5.4

    I use GO SMS PRO for short messages. On 2.5.4 I cannot make it to receive the messages as primary app. Whatever I choose the stock SMS always gets the message and display notification. Everything was perfectly fine with previous versions.