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  1. Kramtoske

    Low quality of video sound Mi3 WCDMA

    This's video made yesterday with Mi3 WCDMA MIUI 4.8.1 default settings every one can see, there is big problem with sound quality and it continues from the release date, is there phone problem or rom ? And it's posible to fix it ? Because now even my 7 years phone can make better video quality...
  2. Kramtoske

    MIUI V5 no CB ?

    is there some possibilities to get a CB messages from selected channel on Xiaomi M3W MIUI v5 ?
  3. Kramtoske

    New Crash on identify unknown number

    Mi3W launcher crashing when trying to open "identify unknown numbers" settings
  4. Kramtoske

    Xiaomi Mi3 WCDMA 4.1.17 EU mirrors

    There is some links in Europe and Russian servers
  5. Kramtoske

    Xiaomi Mi3 WCDMA 4.1.10 ROM + Download

    This is russian ROM but have English as well links to download: there