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  1. SilverMist1

    what is customize attribution in dialer settings?

    There is some option in dialer settings named as "customize attribution", but when i choose it all i get is a blank screen. what is the purpose of "customize attribution" and how do we use it?
  2. SilverMist1

    Themed icons in adw launcher

    in adw launcher ex, i lose the icons from the theme i am using. it shows original app icons, is there any way to use themed icons with adw launcher?
  3. SilverMist1

    cant disable "use wirwless networks".

    if i activate "use wireless networks" in location settings, i cant disable it no matter what i do. it always re-enables itself. i even uninstalled all my apps, but still couldnt manage to disable it. is there a solution for this?