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    How to return to launcher?

    I installed the alpha launcher and want to return back to the one. I tried dirty flashing the rom, clear system an reflash the rom without success. I'm on latest beta, does the latest beta have the alpha launcher? Thanks in advance.
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    This morning I updated to latest canary magisk with the app and the phone took about 15 minutes to boot, then the screen was washed, very pale color and nothing worked, tried settings, apps, etc everything caused bootloop. Flashed ROM and magisk again and happened the same. Unistalled magisk...
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    Where are night mode photo and slowmo video?

    I don't know when it happened, but can't find night mode photo or slow motion video in 9.8.9 beta. Does it happen to you too?
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    Does "ok google" works for you?

    Google assistant works but doesn't start with the voice command.
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    Android Auto

    Does Android Auto works for you? My phone connects and start working but after a few moments black screen and disconnect. I have given all permissions to app and permit it being open without restrictions in battery settings. I'm talking about working in my car (VW Touran), in the phone works fine.