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    Gmail issue with mimail

    Hi to all, I resetted my phone and give it to my father. I used always the stock mail client for Gmail and outlook emails. Now if I try to configure a Gmail account, it shows an error "403 disallowed user_agent" anyone knows how to solve the issue? I've installed the last stable release Thank you!
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    Clock different timezone

    Anyone knows if is possible insert a double clock on the lock screen where I am in a different country/timezone?
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    Weather app

    Hello! The weather location does not update with the current location and I can't understand why. Anyone with the same issue?
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    Camera focus on miui 11.0.5

    Anyone notice a problem with camera on miui 11.0.5 stable? Sometimes I have problem with camera focus that doesn't work and everything is not focused, the problem usually is in the night with skyline lights but sometimes also with sun
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    Double watch

    Hi to all After a trip last week in Stockholm, the phone is still showing the double watch in the lock screen with 2 times, that are the same time zone, with Milan and Rome. I live Italy, GMT+1 and Sweden is also GMT+1. How can I fix this problem? The problem didn't appear with trips in other...
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    Notification on lock screen

    Hi to all, I've bought a Mi Mix 2 last week and I came from Mi5S. All is working perfectly on last stable but I cannot see the notification on lockscreen even if are enabled from "Manage Notification" and in each app settings, which setting I have to enable? Thank you!
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    Mi5s 8.11.29 gps/maps not working

    Hi, with last 3 Dev Roms maps and GPS are not working. Maps and waze, both, find the GPS but when I click to use navigator mode they write "searching GPS" and don't work..advice? Workaround?
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    Google maps not working

    Hi to all, From 2-3 weeks Google maps is not working. I tried to reinstall, clear cache and other things. When I try to start the navigator with car Google maps stops working and I must close it. Anyone has a solution? Could be a problems of rom or app?
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    Mi 5S Android Pie?

    We received Oreo for Mi5s 1 month ago, but anyone knows about Pie distribution? We will have it or after Oreo, second major, we won't receive other updates?
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    New Mi5S 8.10.11 Notification while listening music

    Hi to all! 2 weeks ago i received Oreo on MI5S with version 8.10.11 and my problem is about notification while i'm listening to music. If I put my phone to silence mode, so notification volume to zero, I want that notification doesn't play sound while i'm listening to music because they turn...
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    New Mi5S - Bluetooth problems - 8.8.3

    Hi to all, since the first MIUI10 release on Mi5S I have problems with bluetooth connections. The bluetooth is turning on and off repeatedly every 3-4 minutes and is impossible listening music or use navigators in car. Anyone knows how to solve? Thank you!
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    [MI5s - v.8.7.19] Flash during incoming phone calls

    Hi to all, I've problem with the flash light during the incoming calls: even if the option is turned on, the flash is not working. Anyone with this problem?
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    Mi5s Warning About Temperature

    Good Afternoon guys. I have, since November, a Mi5S now with the last Developer Rom that we can find here (7.7.20) and since 1 month, more or less, when i use the smartphone for a long period the temperature that can i feel at the top of the screen is too high. Smartphone starts to lag and app...