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    Xiaomi IMILAB EC2 camera - motion detection nofitications delayed

    1 minute its great. My motion sensor by Xiaomi its better. And i buy one outdoor camera, and its same, the notifications its about 5sec, but in 10 times, one he don't recognize the people. Or the app its crash. For this money, that you get.
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    home security camera and wifi password change

    How many times you change the password? And why? You connect the camera every time throw the application on the phone.
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    How to turn off the motion sensors at Mi Home

    Set the motion sensor to On just the lights, or do nothing in night. After 20:00 maybe. What you do whit the sensor.
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    European Gateway with China only devices

    That's new, i buy the gateway one month early, and I'm not find EU version.
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    European Gateway with China only devices

    What is the european gateway, all gateway from Xiaomi its China version! Which is yours?
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    Mi Home devices, experiences and fails...

    Hi, i have too some devices from Xiaomi. I want just one- to listen radio from Europe in Xiaomi Gateway 2. I find some solution from Russia and change the station whit russian and some others from Europe. But i want more.