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    Steps to sell my phone

    Remember remove your google account before wipe. (or enable unlock oem) Or the new buyer couldn't use it.
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    Nice, i have now the 9.8.15 and i am checking the upgrade and says NO UPDATES. I have a MI 8. Other people with MI8 has updated?
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    Mi band 3 UI

    go to the setting option in your miband and look for LANGUAGES... I saw that option in several mibands... so you can choose a differente language from your phone.
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    Mi band chinese

    i have the same problem but it's still in chinese. After change the language from english to spanish, miband becomes chinese again 8-(
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    MI BAND 4 NFC language

    I have bought this model, by default has english and chinese language, but other people when they update for first time the firmware they get spanish language. I have tried to do it, but I only get english if I choose english language in my MI8. If i choose again spanish language the mi band 4...