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    [20.1.21] [MIMix2s] Panorama Camera issue

    The Panorama picture processing doesn't work as expected. Gesendet von meinem MIX 2S mit Tapatalk
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    New MIMix2s | 9.10.17 - When calling proximity sensor doesn't black out screen

    When I'm calling the proximity sensor doesn't seems to work well. The display is kept always on. Then during calling when I press the power button to switch off the display , I can't hear the other party anymore.
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    New Miui 11 external calendars issue

    On Miui 11 (I'm using Mimix2s) the builtin calendar app is not showing my added Outlook and Exchange calendars. I've already cleared data of both apps, email and calendar and readded my accounts. But only Mails are being synchronized. In the miui11 calendar app I can't choose to display the...
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    9.9.3 and 9.9.27 Captive WiFi ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

    Hi, maybe someone can give me a hint to solve my problem. Since I updated to 9.9.27 and later on to 9.9.3 on my Xiaomi Mi Mix2s I can't connect anymore to WiFi's that have a Captive Portal in between before you're finally connected to the internet. (Hotels, Public Wifi's etc..). The strange...
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    New Buttons (german Tasten) Settings Doesn't Open

    On My Note 3 SE (Kate) with 6.12.15 the German settings menu of Tasten (Buttons) doesn't open or crashes. I seems to be a language problem as when I switch to englisch it works.
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    New Search - Force Close On My 6.12.8 Sd Kate

    My Device, - Redmi Note 3 SD Kate 32GB/3GB RAM - MIUI 8.2 by 6.12.8 | Beta 1. Swipe down to open the sliding menu 2. Touch on search bar on the top of the sliding menu is causing search force close I'm using Nova Prime as Launcher - I hope this isn't the root cause.