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    Deleted Super Wallpapers

    My mi 10 ultra in on weekly 20.9.3 & i "accidentally" deleted mars and earth super wallpapers, i know it's stupid :/ :( & now i can't get it back can't download it from the settings app when i press on the cloud/download icon nothing happens, Any way around to fix this??
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    Mi 10 Ultra GAME TURBO is not working

    weekly 20.9.3 here the game turbo on EU rom is not working the same way as the different version on china stock rom & Game Turbo GPU Driver Updater cannot be pressed/updated. China Rom's game turbo allow you to change refresh rate and touch sample rate with each game (check attached photos). I...
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    Mi 10 Ultra FPS Issue on weekly .eu rom

    The display randomly goes down to 60 hz on weekly 20.9.3 rom with me & it stays that way until I manually switch to 60 and back to 120hz again to fix it or even to manually reboot the device My eyes are very precise and sensitive to that kind of smoothness change, And i also used an Onscreen...