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  1. haviv

    Mi10T Pro Camera fixed in latest weeklies / stable

    Thanks mate ☺️ Gonna get on it now. Do you know how do i root the device now ? (Without twrp i meen)
  2. haviv


    now that we have stable for mi10T pro can we flash it and camera works fine >? yes yes before you jokers reply "didn't you read the warning?" .. well.. this is a STABLE version, and everything should work fine and if not.. sorry, then this device cannot get a stable version.
  3. haviv

    What's the deal with mi10T pro camera?

    I want to update my rom, im currently on 21.8.4 which is the latest 'camera working' rom I thought once Android 12 will arrive the problem (what ever it is) will be fix. But i see the same warning about the camera, so i cannot update to Android 12 olso. Miui13 will be different of can i...
  4. haviv

    [GUIDE] A Beginner's Guide to Flashing Xiaomi.EU Stable on Mi 10T/Mi 10T Pro/Redmi K30S Ultra (thorough & step-by-step)

    Sound great, but me personally prefer the miui interface. One question, I can't find a recovery that can fastboot flash, and not fastboot boot, cause i want as you said - updates ! Can i flash the lineage recovery and work with eu rom and get otas ?
  5. haviv

    [GUIDE][alioth] How to install ROM for Xiaomi Redmi K40

    Yep. Just checked and i have twrp installed (Already got stabe eu rom) . I was thinking since i did fastboot boot... So i never replaced the original twrp.
  6. haviv

    [GUIDE][alioth] How to install ROM for Xiaomi Redmi K40

    i did it. but by your method, i don't have twrp. so when ota pops up, i have to do all again. and what if i did the prosses to my brother's phone. he will have the same version until i will operates on his phone? twrp should be flashed. and its possible by this YouTube guide. my question is...
  7. haviv

    [GUIDE][alioth] How to install ROM for Xiaomi Redmi K40

    can i flash twrp after loading twrp in "install recovery Ramdisk" ? so that i can get ota eu.roms ? like in this video :
  8. haviv

    MI 10T Pro TWRP Flashable Rom

    Hey, so after having long time a eu version i want to update.. do i have to factory reset ? Or can i just boot to tmrp again and just flash the new updated eu rom ? I dont want to losse data.
  9. haviv


    mi 10t pro, latest rom xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK30SUltra_MI10T_21.2.3_v12-11 and no SafetyPass.
  10. haviv

    Miui 12.0.3 stable contacts not showing

    Mi8 , latest stable. Device is in Hebrew language. The contacts is not showing in the list.
  11. haviv

    MIUI 12.5 21.1.6/7

    ohh... so they need to fix the picture is the stable rom olso. thanks mate !
  12. haviv

    MIUI 12.5 21.1.6/7

    does '' works on mi 10t pro aswell ? in the table they listed at the same line, but in the stable rom, the mi 10t pro has diffrent link then mi 10t , so im confisud
  13. haviv

    Mi 10T pro got weekly ?

    Hi. I noticed that mi 10t pro is now listed on the rom mi 10t/mi 10t pro . I dont know when but the mi 10t had only stable rom and a different section then the mi 10t. Just wanna confirm its not a mistake lol
  14. haviv

    MI 10T Pro TWRP Flashable Rom

    Did it the same way i flashed the rom. Through the booted recovery (didn't flashed recovery) and its working great.
  15. haviv

    New [mi 10t pro] [stable 12.0.7] no contact names in hebrew languages

    Clean flash. When in Hebrew language, the contacts names not showing in search. Only photos are showing. In English language it works well. 2 video samples, One in Hebrew language and the second in English. Hebrew language English language
  16. haviv

    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    Hi. Great work. Im using mi 10T PRO with latest stable 12.0.7 eu. I'm having issues with the contacts search when in hebrew language . When changing to English the bug is fixed. Here is a video of the problem. In hebrew language Video And a Video2 In english language (It seems that the screen...
  17. haviv

    mi9 - Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

    with what phone ? the pc not recognize it..
  18. haviv

    Have you ever changed your device's battery?

    i baugt 2 kinds. 1 is HSABAT 0 Cycle 4750mAh and NOHON Battery from reviews i can see that nohon is legit, and that is what i replaced. works great. battery life is like new mi9 when this will go, ill install the fake 4750mah one