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  1. GodsDead

    Gmail won't open afte 3.5.31 update.

    Hey everyone, after updating my Gnex to 3.5.31, and installing the Gapps, I can't open Gmail at all, it goes to open then closes itself, no force close or anything. Google Voice does not work either. There are no updates in the market. Ive had a TON of problems with the update already, it wiped...
  2. GodsDead

    How to reflash Clockwork recovery image?

    I have a galaxy nexus GSM, I installed the latest update for MIUI and it deleted my clockwork recovery image, How can I get this back ASAP.
  3. GodsDead

    New Updating MIUI on Galaxy nexus GSM deletes Clockwork Recovery

    As the title says, updating to the latest MIUI on the galaxy nexus deletes Clockwork recovery image. This needs to be fixed as a priority.
  4. GodsDead

    Latest MIUI update deleted clockwork recovery!!!!!! Galaxy Nexus GSM

    I have never seen something like this before when flashing an update, I was running THE LATEST clockwork recovery, and installing the latest update for MIUI it deleted the clockwork recovery image, what the f**k! This should not touch it at ALL. Now im stuck, how the hell can I get my recovery...
  5. GodsDead

    Where are the VOIP settings?

    I cant seem to find the settings to setup a VOIP account, as far back as I can remember you would just have to go into Call Settings > VOIP. There isn't even any Call Settings in Miui.
  6. GodsDead

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus ROM Support?

    As the title suggest, what has happened to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus ROM Support? Has the Gnex GSM been dropped from having a rom released? Its an official Google Dev phone, I can't understand why it isn't having official roms being released.
  7. GodsDead

    Jelly Bean New Features (Gnex)

    Hello all! Super stoked for MIUI to get upto date with the android! I was exited to see what new features JB packed, so good old trusty Lifehacker listed out the big ones But I cant seem to find some of these, for example the new...