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    [SOLVED] Migrating to a larger SDCard

    Hey guys! I just bought an 8gb card for my Desire (originally it has a 4gb one). I don't have a A2SD or anything like that currently, but I possible will in the future. The phone is rooted, S-OFFed and runs MIUI. What I did. Made a nandroid backup, copied it and titanium backup files to the...
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    [Fixed] Statusbar glitch in 2.1.13

    Hey. I'm seeing a strange artefact on over the statusbar on the lockscreen. Any ideas if it's fixable?
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    1.7.8 Music player doesn't download\use cover arts

    Hey! I noticed two strange bugs in the new updated music player app. Firstly it's the album art. Even though I have a corresponding cover art in each folder it show it only while I browse the media by album\artist. When I start playing, the app shows only the generic image. It should actually at...
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    Can't start ADB demon server

    Hey guys. Just wanted to push some missing files and change the ones that seems to not suite me into the latest build (DSP, calendas, dialer). But my adb server just won't start. It worked perfectly couple of days ago. I did nothing special in terms of updating the sdk. Here's what I get. I got...
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    GMail app won't mark read messages

    Hey, just encountered a strange bug. It wasn't there in the previous builds. When I get an email message in the GMail app and read it or mark it as read the app shows it as read (remove the bold from title) but still it shows the number of the received messages next to the folder - Inbox (x). It...
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    After installing 1.7 Language Pack Desire won't boot

    Thought it might me useful to have this thread as I'm not the only one with Desire GSM who has this glitch. Chinese update works perfectly, but after installing English LP boot stucks on HTC logo. Something's wrong with LP. Update installs perfectly. But after installing LP it won't boot up...
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    Battery graph analyzer freezes

    Hey. Anybody gets battery graph analyzer freeze while trying to see individual app\service consumption via settings>battery use> click on the graph. I get a black screen in the 7/10 of times and then it freezes.
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    Incoming call screen always "lockscreenish"

    No matter if the phone is locked or not when I get an incoming call it shows me "slide to pickup the call" screen. Not the two botton - pick up\hang up, but the green slider that should be only on lockscreen. It's not that it bothers me, but it's a lot harder to hang up the call (need to click...