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  1. Stephan4711

    Mi 10 lite 5G 12.1.2 opening links

    Hi, Since I installed the. Eu rom I'm not able to use the opening links option. Amazon, YouTube vanced, no app seems to open the link. Is it a bug? With the original xiaomi 12.1.2 the open links function worked. Sent from my M2002J9G using Tapatalk
  2. Stephan4711

    Mi 10 Lite 5G

    Hi, I installed the the ROM 12.1.2 now I'm wondering about 2 things, with the offical Xiaomi ROM I had the google messages APP for my SMS with RCS support. Can I get this APP back? 2nd I prefer the Microsoft Launcher, but with the launcher the gesture control isn't available. Is there anything...