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  1. gerryrigs

    How to flash stable coming from weekly? K20

    Please someone tell what should I be deleting in twrp when I'm going to flash stable from weekly? I need answers just to be sure, thank you. I'm in k20, I'm tired of these beta roms that doesn't have any new upgrades for my model, so I'm thinking of switching now.
  2. gerryrigs

    Lagging and Unresponsive Status Bar

    I'm using a k20 model, and I'm on beta weekly 21.8.4 currently, I'm always bothered why my status bar is so laggy and unresponsive whenever I pull it down whether it's notifications or control center.. I'm having a hard time using it. I tried restarting my phone a couple of times now and it goes...
  3. gerryrigs

    Adding sources to Xiaomi Health app

    I have a question, how can I add my Mi Smart Band 6 to xiaomi health app? I already have mi fit and xiaomi wear app all connected to my band now, but whenever I add sources to the xiaomi health app it says, "add device to your Mi account first", and when I tap the add it redirects to xiaomi wear...
  4. gerryrigs

    The system launcher is extremely buggy [Mi 9T — 21.5.12]

    The system launcher went crazy, it repeatedly force stop freezes my whole phone and I need to restart it and really be quick to open Themes app and apply the default theme. This happened after I changed the app icons. What should I do about this. I managed to capture the log for the bug...
  5. gerryrigs

    New Bugs in notification page [Mi 9T — 21.4.28]

    Earlier I encountered this, I don't know what I'm going to force stop for this to restart, so I just restart my whole phone and it was gone, now it is like this again Sent from my Mi 9T using Tapatalk
  6. gerryrigs

    Invalid What happened to the updater?? [Mi 9T — 21.4.28]

    What happened to the updater app? I already updated my version and it still says there's an update available, and it's the same version I already installed. I always encounter this issue. I much prefer downloading the update zip from sourceforge or androidfilehost and just choose update...
  7. gerryrigs

    Resolved What happened to privacy mask section in security app? [Mi 9T — 21.4.14]

    There was an item here that I used to see, it was lower positioning accuracy, and it is removed from here, it was supposed to be lower positioning accuracy and then return blank messages, but now it is just return blank messages.. what happened? Is the feature has been removed from the latest...
  8. gerryrigs

    Resolved Homescreen shortcut and chinese characters on package installer BUGS [Weekly Build: 21.4.7] [Mi 9T]

    I just saw this on the launcher, where I long press some pre-installed apps, and I'm going to show this with the notes app, there was an another option, "remove", and it says remove homescreen shortcut. I think that the previous weekly build 21.4.1 had this options on Apps page on settings...
  9. gerryrigs

    New Bugs on app vault [Mi 9T 21.4.1]

    There's something going on here on the app vault.. Let's say whenever I use the deep clean button here a few more times until it says, "nothing to clear", and whenever it prompts, this happens — I selected screen time here and not the memory, and the steps counter in the left side switches to...
  10. gerryrigs

    Resolved Screen Unresponsive and Turns Off Automatically [Mi 9T 21.3.24]

    So I have this problem where the screen suddenly freezes and I can't do anything about it but to force the phone to restart by holding the power button for 8 seconds, and then also the phone itself goes to blank screen like its turned off everything is not functioning, alarms don't even work...
  11. gerryrigs

    New No shutter sound on Mi 9T

    Can I just ask as to why whenever I take pictures on the camera app, there's no shutter sound? My phone isn't on silent mode, I already enabled the shutter sound option on the settings of the camera app and I even went to the additional settings page of the sound & vibration and there's no...
  12. gerryrigs

    Game Turbo Ported from Global Variant that comes pre-installed in EU Weekly Builds

    Why is the Game Turbo that is comes with the Eu Weekly Builds is ported from the global variant instead of what you can see from the China Weekly Builds variant that is so called, Game Space? That had more features that the global variant does had.. Can someone tell me about this. Thank You.
  13. gerryrigs

    Invalid Bugs in Mi 9t in weekly 21.3.10 - No lockscreen fingerprint icon, wrong brand shown in bootup, lockscreen wallpaper bug

    After updating my phone earlier today, the fingerprint icon in the lockscreen is missing and together with that its animation doesn't show either, to fix my problem I had to enable the setting that show fingerprint icon when the screen is off, without enabling that, fingerprint isn't showing on...
  14. gerryrigs

    Installing system app updates in telegram groups

    Is there a way that I can install system app updates that I used to used to install back when I was still on global rom?.. I saw in the list of system apps that are pre-installed here on eu weekly rom that only the native miui package installer is included here, and there's no google package...
  15. gerryrigs

    Invalid Bugs in Settings [Redmi Note 7 Pro]

    After updating 21.3.3 on Redmi Note 7 Pro, the settings app kinda messed up, the mi share is constantly stops, the bluetooth doesn't turn on anymore also the battery and privacy protection doesn't open anymore. The settings app now also named as "Backup my settings". Please help.