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    [Help] I Can't Reflash back to Stock!

    Hi, everyone! I flashed Xiaomi.EU and this time, while I was going to clean all and start fresh, I encountered an annoying problem. If I put my phone into Fastboot mode, and flash the latest and global ROM, MiFlash keeps saying: "error:FAILED (remote: "Check device console.") and it will stop. I...

    New [Bug report] App animations not fluid, Camera shutter lag, Updater keeps crashing and more!

    Hello, Everyone! I found some bugs on the ROM on my Redmi 9T! I flashed because I want to try out MiUI 12.5 Enhanced since in Stock ROM, I don't seem to have the update. But, I noticed that when I open apps, there's no animation but when closing it, Its animation is like...