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  1. breffer

    MIUI 13 ?

    thats why i am asking here. ;-)
  2. breffer

    MIUI 13 ?

    Any update(s) on when MIUI13 will be available? According to several news-sites, it should have already been release 25th on June. e.g.:
  3. breffer

    Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro TWRP 3.4.2b 2020.12.06 from LR.Team

    Hi all, i installed version 3.4.2b, and now my internal storage is encrypted. With version 3.4.1 it was not. Now i am not able to install new rom. Any suggestions how to decrypt the internal storage?
  4. breffer

    MIUI 8.2 7.2.9

    great update again. any way of mi3/mi4 wcdma (cancro) is getting on update to android 7. lineage.os is disappointing. (no battery life (only few hours) and charging takes for ever). Hope we can look forward to this great build on android7 for our mi4.
  5. breffer

    Does Rom Cancro Works On Mi4 Lte ?

    cancro is the way to go!
  6. breffer

    Installing Miui7 After Using Stock Android ?

    i did recovery from lollipop back to stock with these simple steps: Step 1. Visit the ROMS download page here. And download the cancro version. Step 2. Once the ROM is downloaded, connect your phone to the PC with USB cable and Move the file on your phone. Step 3. Reboot the device into Custom...