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  1. Martynnn

    Battery Swolen Up Mi5

    Hi, Yesterday I took off my protective case, and saw that on the side of the phone there was a small gap between the back cover and cellphone. When I took off the back cover, I saw that the battery was a littleee bit swolen up in one corner. Not much, but enough to cause a gap. Does more...
  2. Martynnn

    Mi5 Battery Drain

    Good day, I was wondering how the SOT is with your MI5 devices? Because everywhere I read SOT like 4-6 hours, when I bareley get 2-2,5 hours of SOT with normale usage. GPS is off, Bluetooth off, Location on wifi/mobile network, WiFi scanning off, Mi sync off, screen brightness on max 50%...
  3. Martynnn

    Strange Notification "clear This App´s Data"

    Hello people, The last 3 weeks there continuously appears a notification in the bottom of the phone to say "Clear this app´s data in Settings> System apps and try again", It continues to appear infinitely. Does anyone know what this is? I already tested the to turn off the Autostart apps but...