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  1. LittleWhole

    Updating to MIUI 12.5 on Mi 10 Pro

    I'm on v12.2.4.0 on my Mi 10 Pro. If I want to update to MIUI 12.5, is it not possible OTA like previous updates? Do I have to download and flash the ROM myself from the 12.5 download link? Every time I click the "check for updates" in the OTA updater, it always says I'm running the latest...
  2. LittleWhole

    New Mi 10 Pro, stable v12.1.2.0 - Full screen gestures do not work if 3rd party launcher is set to default

    Hi, I just upgraded my Mi 10 Pro to stable v12.1.2.0, based on Android 11. As a full screen gestures user, I noticed this immediately: the swipe up to go home and swipe up & hold to open recents full screen gestures do NOT work unless you set your launcher to "System launcher". The backswipe...
  3. LittleWhole

    Forgot to wipe Cache/Dalvik after OTA update. How can I wipe it from TWRP?

    After doing an OTA update to MIUI 12.0.4, I forgot to wipe Cache/Dalvik. How can I wipe the Cache/Dalvik from TWRP? I'm not seeing any options here. When I click "Wipe", it says that it will wipe Data as well. Is there a way to wipe the Cache/Dalvik after you've already flashed the zip and used...
  4. LittleWhole

    How can I make a full backup of my Chinese ROM gingko (Redmi Note 8) before unlocking the bootloader?

    I have some data and appdata stored onto my gingko (Redmi Note 8) that I want to make a full backup of before unlocking my bootloader. Preferably, I'd like to be able to flash this backup at any time after installing TWRP. Is there a way I can do this, or am I out of luck? Sent from my Mi 10...
  5. LittleWhole

    Mi 10 Pro - After data wipe and ROM flash, it takes forever to restore backup from Google

    Hi, I wiped my data partition and flashed Stable ROM of's MIUI 12 yesterday. I went through the setup process, until it got to the point where I could restore a backup from Google. I restored my Google backup, but it's taking forever. It just keeps saying "Restoring..." It has been...
  6. LittleWhole

    How to get ROM to recognize Spotify as a music app?

    I'm trying to change my default music app to Spotify on my phone (cmi, MIUI 12,, 20.5.24), but it doesn't recognize Spotify as a music app, despite recognizing QQMusic, Google Play Music, and YouTube Music. Is there a fix to this? Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk