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    Xiaomi mi 11 pro miui 13.0.10 toggles

    Hello. Little question for latest miui 13 mi 11 pro. I have a toggle for wifi calling and I cannot remove it, it does not appear in the edit section. Anyone else? Thank you!
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    Battery problem xiaomi Mi 11 Pro

    Hello. My battery drains very quickly and I do not thinks this is normal. I normally get 3.5 hours of SOT for 16 hours between charges and to me it seems kinda low. I don't know what to try anymore, I have a clean install of Miui13. Please advise. Thank you!
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    Mi11 pro Miui 12.5

    Hello. Got myself a new mi11 pro, installed miui 13 via fastboot yesterday and I found it a little too buggy, so decided to switch back to miui 12.5. I flashed twrp, entered it, did some format data, wipe data dalvyk system etc (don't remember exactly, but I used all the option there...
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    Mi 10 won't start.

    Hello. My mi 10 doesn't start and it won't charge either. I tried all the buttons combinations. I plugged it in with its original charger and cable and nothing happens. It has the latest Eu weekly. Yesterday, I removed the Sim cards to put them in another phone, then I powered it off and put it...
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    MIUI 6 fail to boot after a while

    Hello. I have a problem with my phone: I install MIUI 6 (doesn't matter what version), I set it up with restore, install Xposed Framework (same happens with WSM too)+Modules, make a restart and all works well for a while. Then, after a manual restart, it gets blocked at the black "MI"screen...
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    The displays turns off too quickly

    Hello. Anyone having this problem? No matter what time I set in "sleep" settings, after about 7 seconds the display dims and after 10 seconds it turns off. I first noticed this on 4.7.25 and it is still here on 4.1.8. Is it a bug or it's just me?
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    How to get rid of ads?

    Hello. How do I get rid of ads? I am using adblock plus, but still got ads in Chrome and different apps. I had an one x before mi3 and I successfully used the same adblock plus to get rid of ads, but now it won't work anymore. I have the multilanguage rom.
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    Mi3 USB drivers

    Hello. Are there USB drivers for mi3? I'd like to see my phone in total commander during its connection with USB cable. I see it in my computer as media player, but I'd like a little more than that. Thanks!
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    Music volume in headphones

    Hello. Does anyone have low volume when listening to music via wired headphones?
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    Gsm signal problems

    Hello. I have a problem with the gsm signal: the phone finds it difficult sometimes to lock a network. I previously had 4.4.25 version of the Chinese rom and updated through system update to 4.5.9 multilanguage. I didn't wipe or anything. I need to get the phone fully wipe so I can install the...
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    Wiping old rom

    Hello. I have the Chinese version of the rom with cwm recovery. I want to move to the multilanguage one. What do I need to wipe or format from cwm so that I can make this move without losing the files from sdcard? Is format /system enough to prepare for a new rom? Will it wipe the sdcard?
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    Help understanding the 2 systems

    Hello. I was on system 2 running the Chinese version of the rom. I tried upgrading to multilanguage without any wipe, just using manual update from system updates. Something went wrong and I don't see when somebody calls me, it just appears as missed calls. I entered recovery and booted to...