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    Woups theme for Miui 12.5

    Not for Miui 13, i use it on my mix2s
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    Woups theme for Miui 12.5

    Some screenshots
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    Woups theme for Miui 12.5

    Hi all, I share with you my theme for Miui 12.5
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    Hi, I have my Mi Mix2s with latest weekly build for it (20.9.4) today there is a new stable version for Mix2s ( So my question are: what is the change log of this new stable ? do they included all things from 20.9.4 in this stable version? Clearly, can i switch to stable...
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    MIUI 12.0 20.6.4

    Thanks, effectivly the problem come from my theme
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    MIUI 12.0 20.6.4

    On right side, alphabet lettre would be "A B C etc" but they are in grec symboles i suppose
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    MIUI 12.0 20.6.4

    Hi, Once again a great job from Devs I have a little translate problem in Contacts (see picture)
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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.7

    Hi, Thanks for your amazing work Devs I found a little translation bug in contacts app for french language And an other, sometimes theme isn't apply, i need to reboot to make it works again
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    MIUI 11.2 20.3.19

    Hi, Same thing on my Mix2S and also on french phone Edit: deactivate the first option seems to work
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    9.8.29/9.9.3/9.9.6 - Last MIUI 10

    Thanks Dev On my Mix2s in french x2 camera works normally
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    Hi, Once again thanks for this good ROM On my Mi Mix 2s, i can see 2 little bugs First on my lockscreen, there is the normal clock and my springboard wallpaper (I use KLWP to customize my springboard and normally it doesn't appear on lockscreen...) Second, statusbar in settings app doesn't show...
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    Hi, thanks for this ROM I think there is a little bug with the statusbar In many windows in settings app, data statut disappear and in some it appears
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    Thanks for this good rom For the moment all work fine on my mix2s And battery usage stats is way better Good job devs
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    Hi, first, thanks for your great work ! :) second, when i press minus in calculator app, it makes it crash... I'm on a Mi Mx2s
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    Invalid [9.6.13 / 9.6.20 / 9.6.27] OK Google doesn't work when not in charge

    thanks for reply, I had tested with this Google app but that doesn't fix Ok Google It's really a battery optimization problem I think...
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    Hi, when your phone's charging, does "OK Google" work?
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    Invalid [9.6.13 / 9.6.20 / 9.6.27] OK Google doesn't work when not in charge

    Hi, I have a problem with OK Google on my Mi Mix 2s under 9.6.13 to 9.6.27 Roms, perhaps it was here before... When the phone is charging "OK Google" works normally but when i unplugged the phone, "OK Google" doesn't work anymore. So, i test to unoptimize battery for Google app but it doesn't...
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    Hi, I had same problem with "Ok Google" on my Mi Mix 2s... If you have viper4android (magisk version), try to deactivate it, reboot and try "OK Google" For me it make "OK Google" working again edit: if it works when viper is deactivated, uninstall viper and reinstall it edit2: it seems...
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    Hi, Thanks again for your hard work ! On Mi mix 2s, i can activate Voice match and record my voice but it never launched when i say "ok google"
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    Thanks, i had redowloaded the rom and now OK Google works like it should Good job Dev