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    Gyro sensor not working properly

    I have MIUI 3.11.1 on my HTC Desire S (Saga) device and it's working well. But I noticed that the G-Sensor was not working at all when I installed a game that uses it (Garfield Kart). I can't find the G-Sensor calibration settings anywhere in the ROM. Does the G-Sensor work with other phones...
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    Installing Fonts on MIUI

    Hello...I have a problem with Arabic fonts in some programs (e.g: Adobe Reader) on my MIUI 3.11.1 ROM on an HTC Desire S (Saga) device. The letters are displayed as squares or no letters are displayed at all. I had the same problem on my computer running Linux (Fedora 17) and it was solved by...
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    MIUI ROM 3.11.1 HTC Desire S MD5 Checksum?

    Never mind...I've installed it successfully!
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    MIUI ROM 3.11.1 HTC Desire S MD5 Checksum?

    Hello... This is my first post here. I've recently downloaded MIUI ROM 3.11.1 JB 4.2.2 for HTC Desire S (Saga) here: Before installing the ROM on my device I want to make sure that the file hasn't been corrupted due to download problems or anything else. I...