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    Micro lag with audio using bluetooth headset (AAC)

    Hi everyone, I have updated from 9.1.10 to 9.3.14. First I noticed no problem, everything seemed perfect. But soon I discovered a problem when listening music (spotify) with my bluetooth bose soundsport : I have random micro lags. I tried a lot of things : - unpair and pair my...
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    [Mi 8 SE] Can anyone run a command for me?

    :/ $ getprop Xiaomi/dipper/dipper:8.1.0/OPM1.171019.011/V9.5.9.0.OEAMIFA:user/release-keys :/ $ I am on weekly 9.1.10
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    8.12.6 v2

    I had the same problem with last week update. A bit annoying... I often dirty flash New update and there was no problem with older version.
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    Changing default camera to *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* and using it from lockscreen

    I am on 8.11.1 and I have installed *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* (*no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*). I prefer this app because in my opinion smoothing is really too much present with stock camera. I have changed the default camera app in Settings (installed apps then click on the three dots) but when I switch to camera in...
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    Which partition saved in twrp for backup ?

    I was less lucky : could not boot, could not access recovery nor fastboot mode. Only the led was blinking when pushing power button. I was forced to get an edl account to flash official rom using miflash tool. I won't take any risk now and will only save/restore system and data partitions. Do...
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    Which partition saved in twrp for backup ?

    I am currently on latest but I want to try pixel3rom. Last time I saved all partitions before flashing new rom, I got a brick mi8 when later I tried to restore my backup. At that time I needed to flash official rom using miflash tool with an edl count (and I had to pay for that). I do...
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    Are you satisfied with MI8?

    It works very smoothly, camera is very good : - the notch is too wide. It is only after using the phone in my hand that I understood I am used to have both clock and notification icons in status bar - flashing is a real mess ! I have always flashed my phone in order to install at least ad...
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    New [Mi8 - 8.10.12] Camera not working [Resolved]

    No problem for me too. Came from precedent version of with dirty flash.
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    Indeed, I had backed up everything believing it would be safer... I think my only solution is to pay some money to get an edl account in order to unbrick my mi8. Am I right ?
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    The link is on the first page (it is separated for mi8). I used my phone after installing 8.9.24 and it worked. My problem began after restoring my twrp backup of 8.8.24 The led blinks when I push power button. And in Mi Flash tool, it detects my device. I cannot do any other things... :(
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    Sorry it is my mistake, last version is 8.9.24.
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    I think I have bricked my mi8... :( I was using precedently latest orero rom (8.8.30) and wanted to test the new version (8.9.24). After reading a lot of messages in these forum i have understood that there was no arb problem with roms. I made a nandroid backup...