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    How do I disable music lock screen ?

    It's really nice and useful but REALLY slow on my htc desire, and it takes forever to get the touch responsive and unlock the phone. Is there a way to disable it ? thanks
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    I can't find speaker and media settings anymore

    In Sound settings, it only possible to set my phone call settings, maybe i have overooked it, but since when isn't it possible to adjust my speaker and media settings? it's the 1.1.22 on desire gsm thanks
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    Auto Brightness?

    same here. 1.1.22 on desire gsm
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    what does that icon mean ?

    The one between the wifi and the gsm signal thanks
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    Sometimes my screen won't turn on / wake up 1.1.7

    thanks for the suggestions, won't be home for some days but I will definitely try it in a few days. Sent from my HTC Desire using the Forums App
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    Locksreen "lag"

    same issue here on HTC Desire (gsm)
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    Sometimes my screen won't turn on / wake up 1.1.7

    I flashed MIUI 1.1.7 DESIRE DEODEXED (Chinese) and MIUI 1.1.7 DESIRE LANGUAGE PACK 1e Sometimes when my screen turns off it won't wake up, the only way is to remove the battery. Evrything seems working, I can hear the screenshot sound or the hardkey lighting up when I press something. But the...