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    Mi10 Pro not recognized at PC in Fastboot anymore

    Hi I updated my Mi10 Pro to MIUI 13 ROM 22.1.5. and since that time the phone is not recognized in fastboot anymore when connected to my computer. So I am not able to update to latest Weekly as this works only via Fastboot First I thought something went wrong because the nice...
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    TWRP does not show any folder - can't install

    Hi I managed to install on my Redmi note 10 Pro (sweet) TWRP and also the but when I now boot into TWRP it show no data on integrated storage and also size is shown with 0. Only the external SD card is shown but I am not able to install from there. First idea was...
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    Can't install latest ROM

    I struggle to install the latest ROM on my Mi 10 Pro - I got it back from repair with latest official Global stable but I need ROM as I want to run 2 SIM cards on the phone and global stable does not allow. Bootloader is open, I have installed the latest TWRP...
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    Mi10 Pro - Global stable installed after repair

    Hi guys I had to send my Mi10 Pro to repair after it was fully dead, got it back today. Before I had installed the latest weekly ROM, now I have Miui 12 global stable installed but at least they could fix it. Is my open bootloader now gone and I need to apply to unlock it again to...
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    Mi 10 Pro - does not boot / react anymore at all

    Hi I need some help - I shut down my Mi 10 Pro with latest Beta ROM (I do regularly, each week once or so) and now it is not reacting anymore at all. It still had 38% battery remaining when I shut down No reaction at all when I press Power Button, no reaction for Power Button and...
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    Mi 10Pro - can't connect anymore to public WiFi

    I need some support I can't connect to any public WiFi which requires check in on some rules I have the following failure message in the screen when connected
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    how to install 20.12.2 on Mi 10 Pro

    Hi I need some help to install the latest 20.12.2 on my Mi 10 Pro. So far it is running 20.9.24 and I skipped the previous updates as I was not sure on this TWRP update stuff. In meantime I have installed latest TWRP and when rebooting to TWRP I see that I can not access any of the...
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    Mi 10 Pro - Google Fotos does not sync anymore

    Hi all Looking for some good ideas. Since few weeks my Mi10Pro does not sync anymore with Google Fotos. It always shows starting to prepare sync, it is calculating the number of pictures and then it stops. I have tried via different wifi's, via Data Connections, no success. I have cleaned App...
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    *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* for Mi8 EE

    Does anyone have a mod of the latest *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* 7.2 for Mi 8 Explorer Edition? At CyanogenMod I did not find any
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    New [MIUI 9.12.5] Instagram can not access pictures anymore

    Since the latest update I can not load any picture in Instagram anymore. I already uninstalled and installed the app, this did not solve it
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    New 9.11.28 - Android Auto

    Android auto is not working since the update. Car is unable to start, final failure message is saying I shall check if the phone is unlocked while on the phone Android auto is not starting at all
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    New 9.11.7 Mi8 Explorer Android auto

    It is freezing every time I connect to the car and Android auto is used. No button working and no reaction anymore to anything. Also when disconnected from car again Need to press power button for 15-20 seconds to reboot Worked before perfect, was used every day
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    Gmail dark mode available

    Hi I have the latest weekly installed on my Mi8EE and consequently I know have Android 10. Dark mode in system settings is enabled, working properly in chrome, Google search, Instagram etc but on Gmail it is still not available. Neither it is adjusting with the system nor do I see the...
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    Ok Google can not be activated on Mi 8 EE with latest ROM

    Hi Since right from the beginning I can not activate the "ok Google" command in Google Assistant on my Mi8 explorer. Any idea what I need to change to get it running? Thnx
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    TRWP for Mi 8 EE (ursa)

    where can I find the suitable TWRP image to flash to my Mi 8 EE? I unlocked it and want to flash ROM but I have no suitable TRWP.img for it. Download link in the ROM download does not include URSA Thank you!
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    Mi Pad 4 not shown at PC - any additional drivers needed

    Hi when I connect my MiPad4 to my PC it is not recognized and not shown in the Explorer when running it in Fastboot mode to request for bootloader unlock. Having it running normal it is detected. Do I need any additional drivers to install - I am running Windows 10 and the MiPad4 is running...
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    Mi Mix 2 - Android Auto Not Working Since Rom

    Hi I flashed ROM MIUI 9 since it is available but since that time Android auto does not work anymore. When ever I connect the phone to my Ford S-Max it does not start. I already deleted the phone in the car memory but also can not add it again as it is not recognized any more. Do I...
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    Facebook Unlock

    Does the stable ROM provide face unlock? Where top activate? Gesendet von meinem MIX 2 mit Tapatalk
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    Can't Install Rom For Mi Mix 2 - Folders Not Shown Properly In Twrp

    Hi I want to install the ROM for my Mi Mix 2. I have done this several times on other devices (Redmi 4, Redmi Note 4, Mi Max, Mi Max 2) and never seen the following problem: Phone is unlocked, I can enter fastboot and install TWRP (chiron version) and also boot into TWRP. There I...