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    Gmail issue with mimail

    Hi to all, I resetted my phone and give it to my father. I used always the stock mail client for Gmail and outlook emails. Now if I try to configure a Gmail account, it shows an error "403 disallowed user_agent" anyone knows how to solve the issue? I've installed the last stable release Thank you!
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    ROM MI MIX 2

    It didn't received miui 12.5 so neither 13
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    Clock different timezone

    Great! Thank you
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    Clock different timezone

    With no other apps? With rom? How?
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    Clock different timezone

    Anyone knows if is possible insert a double clock on the lock screen where I am in a different country/timezone?
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    Weather app

    It works! Thank you very much!
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    Weather app

    The latest stable released here
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    Weather app

    Yes I tried to clean data, cache and reinstall app updates but nothing. When I uninstall updates the app says that can't find the position, maps and other apps work well
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    Weather app

    Hello! The weather location does not update with the current location and I can't understand why. Anyone with the same issue?
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    Miui 12 mi mix 2 beta bugs

    This is working well!
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    Miui 12 mi mix 2 beta bugs

    Don't know how to solve, I tried to wipe dalvik and cache but it doesn't change anything
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    Miui 12 mi mix 2 beta bugs

    1) rotation is too bad 2) long press on every text area cause the crash of the application "stable"
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    Hi, I've updated MI mix 2 this evening. Works good and everything is fine except for the "long press" on a text area in every application. The application crashes
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    Downgrade MIUI 12 to 11

    Yes you can rollback but you have to format data because the newer version is incompatible with the older one. Format system, data, dalvik, cache and install the miui 11 zip
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    Camera focus on miui 11.0.5

    Anyone notice a problem with camera on miui 11.0.5 stable? Sometimes I have problem with camera focus that doesn't work and everything is not focused, the problem usually is in the night with skyline lights but sometimes also with sun
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    Double watch

    Hi to all After a trip last week in Stockholm, the phone is still showing the double watch in the lock screen with 2 times, that are the same time zone, with Milan and Rome. I live Italy, GMT+1 and Sweden is also GMT+1. How can I fix this problem? The problem didn't appear with trips in other...
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    The last number of the file is android version 11-9 is Miui 11 Android 9
  18. V MIUI is out for Mi5S.

    Sorry but I've not anymore a mi5s, now I'm using a mix 2 with miui 11
  19. V MIUI is out for Mi5S.

    In miui 10 is in developer settings, it works but not always well
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    Mi5s plus wifi mode

    I dont' know at 100% but maybe yes...try with a factory reset, but it seems a driver/hardware problem and could be not resolved via software