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    [Q] Full Backup for Contact Storage?

    i finnaly find a way to back all my contact information after making a update to my phone so why miui backup don't save all the data of the contacts? becouse when i making backup it not saving me all the BIG pictures that i put for my people contact so the only way that i find it to make...
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    Mark,Something new with the lockscreen.

    LOOKS GOOD! How i can regist to beta test ???
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    1.6.3 Theme Manager FC

    can you upload the flashable zip again ?
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    Hebrew RTLFix

    you need also to install english pack. 1. miui rom 2. english pack a. after reboot (until rom up) b. go to recovery again 3. install hebfix a. reboot to rom and it will works fine
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    1.6.3 Bugs

    also no sound on video record after playing :/
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    [bug] no sound record on camera video

    There is no sound when I record video :/
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    [Q] change the lockscreen status bar to show me running apps?

    there is away to change the lockscreen status to be like it's look on the launcher status bar? 10q
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    MIUI Hebrew bundle

    //// 10q very much for the DESIRE HD FIX!
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    Hebrew RTLFix

    hi roenano, i have desire hd also, and i have also the RTL problem. i try your script and it's tell me that the install is complete but nothing happens, still stay on LTR. 1 more thing there is a way to fix also the scroll bar letter on contact list that will be in hebrew ? 10q regards...