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    Invalid Abnormal overheating

    Mi 11 lite 5g miui 13.0.8 stable. At that example I was just texting on telegram without even downloading anything, and the place where I was was cold
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    New Update pop up bug

    22.2.9. Like every 3 hours this pop up show up, it's not annoying it's just to let the admin know
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    Icons animations

    Is there a way to put back icons animations on renoir?
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    question for battery consumption

    Can someone tell me if miui 13 stable is better on battery optimization compared to the weekly?
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    Invalid big bug

    sometimes a notification appears from below that says "permissions is continuing to stop" and gives me two options cancel and report, if I click one of the two the phone enters recovery mode by itself and if i try to reboot it gaves me the same problem.