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    MIUI 1.10.21 - I9100 Bugs

    /\/\/\/\/\ Is there a download fix for this? Don't see any update yet? EDIT: Figured out this is a Google Voice issue, when not using GV to place calls the contact number is displayed. Strange because this issue isn't there in the 1.10.14 build. Not a big deal but some how this new version...
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    MIUI 1.10.21 - I9100 Bugs

    Coming from 1.10.14, having an issue with Droid Incredible and 1.10.21 where when dialing a contact number from my phone it shows "unknown number" at top of screen where it should have the contact/name I'm dialing. No issue with this on 1.10.14....
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    Useless camera in MIUI 1.8.26

    It's working on my INC with no issues.
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    New Swype 3.25 Beta

    Working for me on my INC....
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    I'm back to MIUI....

    OK you don't like stories there you go, no more story....:rolleyes:
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    [MIUI Browser] Slow navigation and hangups!

    Well time to move on (for now.) Went back to stock today. Will wait for the OTA GB update slated to come out this week for the Incredible. Just getting tired of all the constant work arounds and problems I've been having with MIUI and CM7. Everything from wifi issues to gmail not opening to...
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    [MIUI Browser] Slow navigation and hangups!

    Loaded opera mobile browser so I have a backup browser when the stock one freezes. Still having the wifi freeze with the latest fix too. As much as I appreciate all the work the devs are doing, getting tired of all the bugginess in CM7 and MIUI. I've had some issues in almost every...
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    [MIUI Browser] Slow navigation and hangups!

    Same here, just updated to 1.8.12 and the same as 1.8.5. Hanging up on some pages. This is kind of a big issue for me since I use my wifi a lot. I've tried the hotfix that was posted in 1.8.5 several times with no luck.....This is a deal breaker for me as far as using MIUI. The old browser was...