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    Mi9 Chinese version & ROM. Works?

    If you wipe Data, System, Cache and Dalvik Cache before install, you must use a memory stick and OTG cable for install another rom because the phone is not avaialble on pc.
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    Headphones volume increase

    In my old MI 8 the headphone's volume is verry good but in my new Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition is to 75-80% from MI 8. How is possible to increase this volume? I find the solution, but is nowhere... Maybe fix'it that in the rom, by the developers. Sorry for my bad englesh! Thanks!
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    Mi9 Chinese version & ROM. Works?

    The chinesse version is the best version for And viceversa.
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    MI 8 SE - TWRP 3.2.3-1227 Dont Install

    Try to push Vol+ switch when you make command "fastboot boot twrp.img"
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    In my MI 8 with weekly rom, no showing free RAM memory.
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    New Can't Unlock Phone

    When you make a backup, disable all the security mode. Pattern, pin etc. I have same situation one year ago.
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    New In Contacts Is No Showing Telephone Numbers

    Tks bro! Solved!
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    New In Contacts Is No Showing Telephone Numbers

    After update to 6.12.15, in Contacts, in any person, no showing the telephone number. What is the cause?
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    The File Twrp_kenzo Can Be Used To Kate?

    I used TWRP for Redmi Note 3 SD in Redmi 3 Prime but i changed twrp.image for redmi note 3 with twrp.image for redmi 3. Its working for me!