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  1. Ikesankom

    MULTI 4.4.4

    Please, Arc S (Lt18i) and Galaxy S II (i9100) ports :).
  2. Ikesankom

    New [ 3.5.31] Xperia arc s

    Please, which kernel needs MIUI for this phone?I have the same problem. I've tried flashing boot.img included inside ROM and fails too.
  3. Ikesankom

    MULTI 4.3.7

    Thanks for adding MIUI Weather in i9100 4.2 port...but now the radio doesn't exists! :(
  4. Ikesankom

    MULTI 4.2.21

    I reply myself :(
  5. Ikesankom

    MULTI 4.2.21

    MIUI Weather doesn't work in last two releases in i9100 4.2 port. It's fixed now?Thanks!
  6. Ikesankom

    MULTI 4.2.14

    Thanks!Also, in i9100, MIUI Weather doesn't work in last release.
  7. Ikesankom

    MULTI 4.2.14

    In last update (4.2.7) MIUI Weather figures as not installed. Has that happened to anybody?
  8. Ikesankom

    MULTI 4.2.7

    Thanks for adding SGSII 4.2 port...but now, MIUI Weather isn't installed :(
  9. Ikesankom

    MULTI 4.2.7

    The link for SGSII is 4.1 version :(
  10. Ikesankom

    MULTI 4.1.24

    Where can I find the 4.2 for SGS2?Thanks!
  11. Ikesankom

    Changelog MIUI ROM 3.6.14 Changelog

    Is fixed the boot animation option in SGSII? You can't change this.
  12. Ikesankom


    SGS I9100 files not found.
  13. Ikesankom


    Nice! SGSII Official!
  14. Ikesankom

    Preview MIUI ROM 3.1.18 Preview

    What is the meaning of crossing out the points? They are finished or they are dismissed?
  15. Ikesankom

    Xiaomi Xiaomi In 2013

    I don't know if you celebrate the Holy Innocents' Day...
  16. Ikesankom

    Xiaomi Xiaomi In 2013

    What will happen with GB?And SGS2?Thanks.
  17. Ikesankom

    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.11.2 Changelog

    Hi! When Miui will support a OTG mouse? Thanks!
  18. Ikesankom

    Preview MIUI ROM 2.10.19 Preview Changelog (Week 111)

    But aren't official, no?
  19. Ikesankom

    Preview MIUI ROM 2.7.27 Preview change log

    Happy 100! One question. When MIUI will have videocall option?Thanks!
  20. Ikesankom

    Xiaomi MIUI Themes online web market

    Why market is too slow? Will be any improvement about it? Thanks!