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  1. Jason Dance

    Latest OTA Update Note 8 Pro

    My daily driver has just died so while I decide on a new one I've fired up my Note 8 Pro, it did an OTA update to EU stable version. I know the phone is quite old now but was the latest OTA version for the EU ROMS.
  2. Jason Dance

    Video Playback Mi A1

    Just recently go my Mi A1 which I'm loving so far, even the stock camera isn't to bad. The one thing I am having an issue with is the video playback, everything I've watched looks grainy and really dull in terms of colour. Looks really odd, anyone aware or have the same issuse? Have tried...
  3. Jason Dance

    Phone Alarm

    I have my phone alarm set to 05:30am I've noticed since the last weekly rom that it goes off at either 05:32 or 05:33. Need to check to make sure it's not just me, but this has happened the last few days? Anyone else have an issue with the phone alarm?
  4. Jason Dance

    Which Rom Name

    Which ROM name should I be using for my Redmi Note 4x Thanks