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    New Low available Ram

    Why there is such a low level of available ram like around 900 mb out of 6gb which causes crases and not more than 1 app is open is ram which restarting system ui and switching between 2 apps starts the other app from scratch
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    New Gallery and File manger bug

    I am facing a weird bug that after deleting a file from sd card using native file manager, the file appears again after reboot but if we delete using third party file manager there this bug isn't present ... And about gallery is that it isn't detecting images / videos as after reboot my gallery...
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    New 4K videos not playing after flashing rom

    Facing weird bug that after clean installing 13.0.1 on mi 11 lite NE 5G (Lisa), 4k videos aren't playing which were fully playable when we send them to another device (Poco F2 Pro on miui 13.0.2 and windows 10 & 11). I tried mi video, google photos (both phones, worked on the other)...