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    Which Rom That You Used Has The Best Battery Life?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering which of the ROMs (official or custom) that you used with the Mi Note Pro had the best battery life? I guess battery life is connected with how hot the phone gets, so which ROM has the lowest average temeprature? Thanks in advance!
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    [others] No Sound / Led Notification On Certain Apps (global Stable Rom)

    I just got my Redmi Note 4X (16GB/3GB RAM Snapdragon 625 version) and am having a slight problem - there's no sound or blinking led when I receive a notification from certain apps. The display lights up, the notification actually shows on the screen, but there's no sound whatsoever (and after 10...
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    Please Help

    Managed to fix it, nvm :)
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    Remove Preinstalled Songs

    Hey guys, a new owner of a Mi Note Pro, who recently unlocked, rooted and installed the latest Stable ROM for my phone. I have 5 Chinese songs which are from the time I got the phone (old ROM) which transferred to the new one even after factory reset. I want to remove them, but every...