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    BUG Version 1.9.16 browser homepage favorites tiles revert after one use

    The browser on the latest miui homepage tiles let me add a bookmark but if i try to edit via homepage it reverts but if i edit via the favorites menu it works fine.
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    Call rec horrible

    Hi all voice rec on htc desire GSM latest miui my voice is fine but other caller voice is really low volume and crackly sound any chance of a fix.
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    Miui 1.9.2 strange problem with market HELP

    Hi all im new to desire and miui and im loving it so far. Ok i have one problem if i open the market app and do a search example "rom" at the top of the screen i see 1624 results but if i scroll down the list there is only 14 apps this is the same for all searches a do but results change a bit...