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    New Poco F2 Pro 12.1.3 ROM VoWIFI and Netflix

    ever find ever find a fix for this?
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    streaming/screen mirroring error

    interesting thanks. I suppose i should be grateful that t-mobile is allowing use of china phones in the usa, all the other carriers have blocked them.
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    streaming/screen mirroring error

    thanks, I am tempted to switch back to the global rom and see if it makes a difference. I have several other phone in the same cell service that do not have this problem including the Huawei p30 pro
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    streaming/screen mirroring error

    I am using 13.0.12 stable on my Mi 11 ultra. I am trying to stream video from xfinity. I am getting attached error message. The app believes that I have screen mirroring enabled. I do have screen cast shut off. Does anyone have any idea of a way to fix this? Thanks
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    "Network not ready" - Can't send MMS

    I have had the same thing happen almost every time I have updated.. Each time after showing not compatible eventually chat features set it self up . Its annoying and it does not happen right away. I had wiped and installed yesterday afternoon. Chat and MMS via google messages were still not...
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    MIUI 13 22.3.2/3

    there is an app called Network Cell Info Lite that will tell you if you are really on 5G or not. I am in the US and this ROM did give me access to 5G while the global ROM did not. However I am not getting t-mobiles 5G UC (ultra capacity) which means that I am getting speed of only 80/50, while...
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    MIUI 13 22.3.2/3

    I am using this ROM for the first time on my Mi 11 Ultra. It's very nice so far. I can now get 5G in the US. A couple questions if anyone can help me. 1) is there an option when using face unlock for it to work as soon as you pick up the phone rather than hitting a button? I was able to do...
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    Invalid Permissions app keeps crashing after miui 13 update on poco f2 pro (thanks for the renaming btw)

    i am having the same problem, can you tell me where to find the permissions app?