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    Download The old versions???!!!

    hi I want to download 1.8.19 for N1...Is it possible?
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    how can i get the old versions of miui

    I want to get miui1.8.26 for N1???how can i get it?
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    Is MIUI is based on CM7 True or Not???

    Hi every one.... Is MIUI is based on CM7???
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    [To The MIUI Developers] Please full port/Cook for x10

    Hi everyone! I appeal to developers MIUI please make a full port MIUI for x10. Bootloader was broken, the reason for the port - does not work zoom in the camera, there are bugs in the firmware. Sorry for my bad english!
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    How to port a MIUI Rom for Sony X10?

    Hi everyone How can i port a rom from N1 to X10???
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    How Can I get arabic fix for 1.8.26?

    Hi every one please help me , I'm very noob How Can I get arabic fix for 1.8.26 ?