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    Redmi 4x GPS problem

    Some phones have better/faster GPS, but indoor localization is hard for all of them.
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    which rom for mi5?

    It's Why is it imperative to have the latest Android version? I would have been happy with an older version, but newer MIUI features and continued development
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    which rom for mi5?

    There will be 1 last Global stable update. Hopefully...
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    Yup, your pessimism was sadly well deserved by Xiaomi. Considering older phones still have updates, I never even considered they will kill the updates so soon. I hope at least they solve the Facebook/messenger bug in the last promised update. If there is any...
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    Since you're here, big thank you! Great job!
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    They said global won't stop, but the truth is I haven't seen any kind of update since...
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    Source? I did see with my own eyes a official state that only China ROM will be discontinued, not global.
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    Xiaomi still supports some 4+ years phones. China ROM is discontinued because Chinese users lost interest in this phone. Globally it's still popular enough, so global ROM will still be updated. For a while...
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    MIUI 10 stable - weak sound during calls - SOLVED!

    Seems I have solved the earpiece volume getting worse and worse problem. One day I found my phone dirty with some kind of syrup/honey in the earpiece area, so tested it and found the gunk definetely got inside the grille and the speaker was barely audible. That forced me to try a desperate...
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    Touch Screen Sensitivity

    Do you have Nougat or Oreo on your Mi5? That problem was only present in Marshmallow
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    Battery drain

    I get about the same SOT with all the MIUI ROMs since Nougat, 3-4h. 3h or less when gaming, more than 4 when not. Latest Oreo is still the same. You might have a worn battery, and no ROM will solve that.
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    replace the charger

    You can use pretty much any good quality charger with it. QC ones are better because of the fast charging.
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    What are we looking at? Picture is fuzzy in camera? Clean the lens with something soft and clean and inspect it for dust and scratches.
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    Miui 10 incoming call bug

    I think that is a feature. If phone is unlocked, presumably you are trying to start an app or something, so it does not go full screen to let you do whatever you wanted to do without dismissing the call.
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    It does work in LTE mode, but I think it should support LTE+/4G+, connecting to 2 or more bands simultaneously for VoLte to work, not only one(normal LTE). I used A Huawei P10 for a short time and that connected to 4G+ and had VoLte and VoWIFI available for my carrier. Not sure if 4G+ is needed...
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    MIUI 10 stable - weak sound during calls - SOLVED!

    For sure, but i don't know how. You could unroot after, though
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    MIUI 10 stable - weak sound during calls - SOLVED!

    In the root explorer you use, long press the file and choose "permissions" option. R=read W=write. Owner rw Group r Others r I am hardly an expert, but I learn when I need to...
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    Mi5 doesn't have all European LTE bands, so it might not be compatible. 4G+ and VoLTE not available for me either, in Romania. Wasn't available in Bulgaria either, when I was there 2 weeks ago. MIUI10 .eu ROM.
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    New A few bugs in MIUI 10 Stable

    Works quite well mostly, but I have encountered a few problems: 1. Facebook messenger crashes when there is an enbedded video. Using Lite until solved 2. System apps updater crashes when I try to open it 3. My smart bracelet app(Iwownfit Pro) is getting closed sometimes although all permissions...