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  1. szekelyelek

    Custom ringtone for contact

    Hi, I cannot set a custom ringtone for a contact on my Alioth.... :emoji_sweat: The base always beeps...
  2. szekelyelek

    How to fix cts profile

    Someone has already done cts profile correction (safety net) on Poco X3 phone with rom. I would be interested in the experience... Tapatalkkal küldve az én M2007J20CG eszközömről
  3. szekelyelek

    MIUI Account Sync on Redmi Note 8T Phone

    Hi, How do I access on this phone the call list, SMS previously synced to MIUI cloud? It also has no MIUI dialer for call recording. How do I access the features I used a while ago? THX :)
  4. szekelyelek

    New Miui Exchange Email Error

    So far, all the rom (stable or developer) works error. The MIUI of incoming mail exchange client does not display properly. The body text is not visible or seen only one line !!! Very frustrating !!! When do you improve?
  5. szekelyelek

    New Network Connection Problem

    Hi, I have a serious problem. I upgraded my cell phone Xiaomi Redman Note 3 "MIUI 7.0 stable" rom to "MIUI 6.1.7" developers rom. After the update on both SIM cards can only 3G network frequencies to communicate. There is no 4G availability. How can I fix this? Thanks.