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  1. Luis Pires

    SIgnal and sound network problems

    Anyone note that miui note wcdma, have a little bad sound? Sometimes people say that dont listen very well, or very far away. This is a bug or only on my phone? Sim 1 normally dont get 100% network signal, on open space is can get it sometimes.
  2. Luis Pires

    Ebay Alerts Not Show and other apps

    Hello Guys I have a Redmi Note Pro rom 28 I need a big help from you guys, i use apps from auctions, like ebay and other apps similar. I see that this apps doesnt show alerts or popups, on this mobile (miui), is this a normal bug of xiaomi? Lost some deals outbid because of this. In version...
  3. Luis Pires

    Rom 28 miui_H3TD_JHECNBF28.0

    Hello Guys Anyone try this new rom? For Note Pro WCDMA Its possible install this rom on version 25, and not clear the data? Or it will loose all the apk and config? (i already have root, and use the wsm tools, i dont know if this will work with this rom...
  4. Luis Pires

    Xiaomi Redmi Note sends photos and texts to Chinese server

    Hello Guys! This is true? Maybe cloud xiaomi i dont know.... What you think?
  5. Luis Pires

    NOTE Rom 25 multi Candy crush bug

    Hello Guys After install the new rom (25) candy crush doesnt open. This is a know issue? Anyone know how to solve it? Thanks