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  1. nuvul

    9.8.29/9.9.3/9.9.6 - Last MIUI 10

    Works fine in mi 5c, dirty install, but when I install magisk, boot in fastboot, again and again ...
  2. nuvul

    Anyone still there?

    Other more... I have miui 10.4 9.5.16 dev. installed with twrp without problem...
  3. nuvul


    In MI 5c, incoming calls sometimes do not work with the wifi on.
  4. nuvul

    Twrp Is Asking For Password?

    Reboot recovery after format data, and then copy rom and install.
  5. nuvul

    Twrp Is Asking For Password?

    Make a backup first with twrp and copy in a pc. If you want, you can restore your settings and apps following this post You can use this or wipe data and format internal storage, with...
  6. nuvul

    MI 5c probleme avec adb

    And "fastboot devices"??? You have usb debugging activated?
  7. nuvul


    In MI5c messaging does not update contacts correctly, automatically add to my contacts the country code. Is this correctly?
  8. nuvul

    Miui 10 China Stable V10.1.1.0.NCJCNFI For Mi 5c

    for who may be interested
  9. nuvul


    Reinstall twrp with fastboot, is the best solution.
  10. nuvul


    Try reset the twrp, pushing vol up or down, I don't remember, + button power with the twrp started.
  11. nuvul


    Great work, pals...
  12. nuvul

    Can I flash latest ROM as an update without losing data?

    Haz una copia de seguridad a full desde el twrp antes de actualizar por seguridad. Haz tambien una copia de seguridad de datos y aplicaciones sigue este hilo, lo explico, es muy fácil, Y luego actualiza, en teoría la...
  13. nuvul

    Mi 5c Roms, Known Issues And Bug Reporting

    Pues lo lei por pero al paso que vamos no tendremos ni tan siquiera miui 10 en nuestros cacharros... Yo al final me lo canviaré porque de tanto en tanto le viene la pàjara.. Saludos...
  14. nuvul

    Change the icon pack

    Another idea would be to extract the icons that you like from the global rom
  15. nuvul

    Change the icon pack

    Search "miui" in theme app, you find to many themes with the classic icon pack. Regards
  16. nuvul

    Change the icon pack

    I think is possible from theme app, go to theme app, download the theme with your favourite icons, don't apply theme, go to the user icon in the up left corner, select customize theme, select icons, and apply your preferred icon pack. Regards.
  17. nuvul

    MIUI Browser change default search engine to Qwant

    Sorry, I don't know if this is possible without touch system files. Regards.
  18. nuvul

    MIUI Browser change default search engine to Qwant

    You can put qwant in Set Start Page in options or Add to Start Page in Start Page. Regards...