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  1. Jaime DLH

    Miui 9 Android 6 Or 7?

    It looks like MIUI 9 beta is starting to roll out: It's still based on Marshmallow according to people on that thread.
  2. Jaime DLH

    Recommendation Request - Most Stable Redmi 3s Rom For Daily Driver

    Hi Berci, of course! Will PM you, I don't like discussing other ROMs in forum :-)
  3. Jaime DLH Stable V8.5.2.0.naacned

    Yeah... They pulled back the update, after being official for several weeks... For the past months, I think Xiaomi has been really sloppy with the whole update topic. They don't state why they pulled back, as far as I can tell; does anyone know the reason?
  4. Jaime DLH

    Phone Bricked After Enabling Encryption

    But if you're in EDL mode right now, that may be a good thing... You're all set for a clean flash using MiFlash... Perhaps you just need to install the proper drivers in your PC for the flash to be successful... There are several tutorials on how to do just that on this forum.
  5. Jaime DLH Stable V8.5.2.0.naacned

    This forum isn't really the venue to talk about other ROMs, but you can see my opinion about it here.
  6. Jaime DLH

    Recommendation Request - Most Stable Redmi 3s Rom For Daily Driver

    Thank you all for your responses. Finally, I'm not selling the phone, but my sister has borrowed it for some time to test it, and I ended up flashing this LineageOS build on it before handing it over. So far... It's working great! Let's see how it behaves after a couple days.
  7. Jaime DLH

    Recommendation Request - Most Stable Redmi 3s Rom For Daily Driver

    @MarkyO , is this the one you refer to: That was the only SlimROM reference I found on the XDA Redmi 3S forum. It sure looks smooth and all, but by the comments it looks like it still...
  8. Jaime DLH

    Recommendation Request - Most Stable Redmi 3s Rom For Daily Driver

    Thanks for your recommendations! @MarkyO , I'll check SlimROM6, hadn't looked at it before... I like AOSP style ROMS a lot (in fact, I'm running LineageOS on my Mi 5 right now). Don't get me wrong, the work done by the .eu devs is great... but I prefer stock Android over MIUI :-)
  9. Jaime DLH

    Recommendation Request - Most Stable Redmi 3s Rom For Daily Driver

    Hi all, I'm selling my Redmi 3S, and I'd like to hand it over to the new owner with the best possible ROM from, the one that's most stable and functional. I currently have .eu Stable installed, and generally speaking, it performs well.... But it's not perfect. Notifications...
  10. Jaime DLH Stable V8.5.2.0.naacned surely is a nice improvement over, but it has its quirks too. I had some problems with notifications (not all of them came through) and the WiFi problem I describe some posts above in this thread. But anyway, it's a very nice ROM, and clearly an improvement over...
  11. Jaime DLH Stable V8.5.2.0.naacned

    I think I have another issue with which wasn't there on previous versions. On two occasions, my phone has refused to connect to known and registered WiFi networks; it just sits there, using cellular data, when in reach of WiFi. It can "see" the WiFi networks SSIDs, but does not connect...
  12. Jaime DLH Stable V8.5.2.0.naacned

    Yes, I just noticed... It's annoying! It doesn't seem to always happen for me, though.
  13. Jaime DLH Stable V8.5.2.0.naacned

    Yes, it seems like Xiaomi (and the great team, of course) really hit the nail with this one :) The phone feels great with this ROM.
  14. Jaime DLH

    Mi5 Go To Rom Stable From Weekly

    If you switch ROMs (for example, going from stable to dev, or viceversa) it's always necessary to perform a wipe (/data, /dalvik and /cache) or else you'll get all the problems you describe (force closes, etc.), and even more. I'd try a factory reset, that should solve it.
  15. Jaime DLH Stable V8.5.2.0.naacned

    Uh, not sure about having to wipe /system ... This has caused problems to several people... Can anyone confirm? /cache, /data and /dalvik, no problem.
  16. Jaime DLH Stable V8.5.2.0.naacned

    Same for me, VoLTE is enabled and I can toggle it on and off.
  17. Jaime DLH Stable V8.5.2.0.naacned

    With, 4h 11m SOT, still 26% battery left. Not bad!
  18. Jaime DLH Stable V8.5.2.0.naacned

    That's my impression too. Good performance as well. I'm liking this ROM!
  19. Jaime DLH Stable V8.5.2.0.naacned

    I had TWRP 3.1.0-1 when flashing the ROM. Bluetooth is working smoothly for me.
  20. Jaime DLH Stable V8.5.2.0.naacned

    Tested bluetooth with my car audio system and a BT speaker, both music/audio and calls working OK for me. After a full day of use, I think battery life is on par with