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    ROM updater app not automatic?

    Every Friday when I go to update the app downloads the newest pack but then tells me to manually reboot and apply the update. Shouldn't the app automatically reboot and apply it for me? Here's a screenshot of it: Thanks!
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    Battery drain on 1.7.8

    Is this a problem that only affects the DHD?
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    Data connection start automatically with gps apps

    I get this same problem. I don't think it's a bug, but I really wish they'd change how it's implemented. I don't have a data plan so I want my data to always be disabled. The workaround I've found so far is to go to settings > personal > my location > disable Automatic Assisted GPS. Now...
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    A way to fix File Explorer from FCing?

    I've noticed recently that I can no longer launch File Explorer. I've tried updating MIUI, clearing caches, and even clearing the data from the app. Here's the crash log: device_model:leo build_version:MIUIAndroid 1.7.1 condition:1 pid:12810 uid:10013...
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    File Explorer force closes any time I open it

    As the title says. Anytime I try to open the application I get a forced close. Is there a way to reinstall that app to make it work again? I've tried clearing my cache (both types in magldr), I've also cleared the app's data. Sadly none of these have fixed the problem. This has happened in...