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  1. acn

    Upgrade From 6.11.24

    Hi, my Redmi 3 Pro is still on 6.11.24 dev version. I would like to update to stable. Which ROM can i flash, 8.1.1 or 8.2.2? I would like to avoid full wipe if possible. What would be the best way to update, via updater app or from TWRP?
  2. acn

    Bl Locked Again After Flashing Eu Rom?

    A couple of months ago i unlocked my Redmi 3 Pro and flashed TWRP + 7.5.1 stable ROM. Checked today and it seems that the BL is locked again: fastboot oem device-info ... (bootloader) Device tampered: false (bootloader) Device unlocked: false (bootloader) Charger screen...
  3. acn

    Stable 7.5.1 Yellow Pages?

    I have some problems with mentioned ROM: 1. typing a number in dialer brings up numbers from Yellow pages app. Solved by disabling Yellow pages, so far so good. Can I expect some problems about that? I thought this was removed from ROMs? 2. Calendar shows all kind of holidays...
  4. acn

    Redmi 3 7.5.2 Eu Rom?

    Will there be a relese of stable 7.5.2 ROM for redmi 3? Strangely, china ROM is available in Mi forum since 09:45, Jul-22-2016: But, on the official page ( there is still only 7.5.1 for recovery update.
  5. acn

    LED notification color changes

    I noticed that on my hongmi wcdma (stable 13) LED notification acts a little weird. Sometimes it just goes through a couple of colors in one cycle. For example, I set up blue color for messages and it works ok most of the time, but sometimes it goes cyan-green-blue in one cycle and there was...
  6. acn

    Accessories - original or fake?

    Currently i got Nillkin frosted hard case and it is too slippery for my taste so I'm looking for a good silicone/TPU case and a screen protector for hongmi. I found these on **********...
  7. acn

    Screen protector for hongmi

    Hi, I bought this Nillkin case for my new Redmi, it came with the screen protector: Unfortunately, protector doesn't have a hole cut of for the proximity sensor. The screen turns off and often didn't turn...
  8. acn

    Which MIUI version do I have?

    Hi My hongmi finally arrived yesterday :) I got it from Merimobiles, it's rooted, with chinese CWM and Google play installed. Didn't ask for root, but the phone came like that. MIUI is this version: Current version from hw info: CWM: Update downloaded automatically: Can anyone...