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    English-language update

    Since the last update of the Italian version several settings have changed in English.
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    Invalid Disappointment from your team

    I have Redmi note 8T The third phone after ido, mido and now willo. Everyone with your team, I always had a great time. Now with the willow this Roma is full of bugs. I am very disappointed.....
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    [Redmi Note8T]NFC Not working - Battery that runs out soon

    Nfc is not working, cannot be deactivated, the phone battery runs out too soon
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    Best theme with square icons

    Best theme with square icons with rounded corners?
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    Resolved Cannot use dark mode

    I installed version 12 on redmi note 8t, when I set the dark version, the address book becomes unreadable.
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    Masik vs

    This version of Masik has Miui 12, why doesn't do the same thing?
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    Willows Miui 12

    When is your ROM version 12 expected to be released?
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    New Redmi Note 8T fingerprint unable to configure

    I have installed the latest stable version for willow and can't configure finger unlock. The app stops working!
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    [8T stable] Error 7 Help

    I tried to update the stable rom from to it gives me error 7. Recovery twrp latest version.
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    [Installation guide] Info

    Hi everyone, I made a request to unlock bootloader. I wanted to know a link that tells me how to proceed for the installation and especially which wipe to do in recovery.
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    Redmi Note 8T Info

    Ciao a tutti. Ho il reHello everyone. I have the redmi notes 8T for a few months, I would like to move to xiaomi. Eu do you recommend it to me?
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    Stable version Update

    Hi I would like to restore my phone. Before I did it I wanted to do it with the next update of my stable. I wanted to ask more or less when the next update comes out? Inviato dal mio Redmi Note 4X utilizzando Tapatalk
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    Slow system during charging

    When I load the smartphone on, the system is slow... Because? Inviato dal mio Redmi Note 4X utilizzando Tapatalk
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    Quick app Stopped working

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: J2V8 native library not loaded at com.eclipsesource.v8.V8.checkNativeLibraryLoaded(SourceFile:253) at com.eclipsesource.v8.V8.createV8Runtime(SourceFile:153) at com.eclipsesource.v8.V8.createV8Runtime(SourceFile:114) at...
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    Invalid Continuous bugs Redmi Note 4x

    Hi. When I delete an app from the Play store it crashes the Play store. java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method '' on a null object reference at...
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    New Redmi note 4x Play Store

    The app The Play Store app crashes when apps delete issues are installed in the Play Store. L'applicazione L'app Play Store si arresta in modo anomalo quando i problemi di eliminazione delle app si installano nel Play Store.
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    Stable version terminated?

    I read on your site that there will be no more updates weekly for the redmi note 4x (mido), I suppose that even the buildings will not come out as they are several months that is not updated.
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    When will the new stable version be released? Inviato dal mio Redmi Note 4X utilizzando Tapatalk
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    Stable disappointment

    I went from developer to stable ... but in one day I had problems with the building only. App that get stuck ... Crash ... I'm very disappointed ...
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    Stable 10 App Facebook e Messenger

    Closed app error Inviato dal mio Redmi Note 4X utilizzando Tapatalk