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    Can you make gestures working again? Thank you!

    I wasn't trying to come off that way telling you what to do, I'm very grateful for all the work and time you provide for free, but this really is a huge omission on MIUI. I haven't dug into the code of this but I am somewhat active on the Nova Launcher chat and this has been a huge thing there...
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    Can you make gestures working again? Thank you!

    Native gestures need to be added to ASAP, those apps or workarounds are super janky and you need to use the new Magisk version to run the one based on xposed, this is an integral part of the system we shouldn't need workarounds. This is 100% on xiaomi, they did this on purpose...
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    Always on Display Notifications

    Is there any way to have the AOD only show the icon for the notifications I currently have? Like in the image below but without the time and date. I find a big clock distracting and find myself looking at my phone often when it is sitting on a table. If this is not possible, where should I...