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  1. quaff

    In Progress Broken Root

    Root access was working just fine a couple of days ago (it was still working after I updated to 2.4.20), and now for some reason, when I try to access TitaniumBackup just now, it says it can't access "/xsystem/bin/su" I tried replacing BusyBox, but BusyBox Installer couldn't get root access. I...
  2. quaff

    Recompiling MIUI APKs

    I'm trying to recompile MiuiSystemUI.apk, I've gotten it to decompile etc, and recompile works fine. But MIUI doesn't seem to like my recompiled version. How I decompiled and recompiled: apktool if framework-res.apk apktool if framework-miui-res.apk apktool d MiuiSystemUI.apk ... made...
  3. quaff

    AOSP Browser

    Can anyone tell me how to put the AOSP browser back? I actually hate the Miren browser included in MIUI since 1.7.22! I've tried using the /system/app/Browser.apk from the latest CM7 nightly, but it FC everytime I try to open. Thanks in advanced!
  4. quaff

    1.7.8 MMS Time Sent Off

    I'm getting a bug where my text messages are having the wrong timestamps. Which is causing problems to the ordering of conversations in the MMS app. When I "View message details" of an individual text message, the "Sent:" header is 4 hours behind the "Received:" header. The Received header is...