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  1. Smok3

    Flashing logo.img problem

    Anyone knows why flashing logo.img does not apply in MIUI 13 Android 12 stable? I tried every possible way. The funny thing is after flashing the image if I extract it from the phone an put it in the Logo Manager application it show the one that i flashed but on my phone when is...
  2. Smok3

    Enable Read/Write all partitions MIUI13 Android 12 POCO F3/Redmi K40

    Hello everyone. I don't know if this is a big thing(sure was for me xD), but I managed to give R/W permissions to all partitions(i think) does that mean that would be possible to make a TWRP flash-able ROM now?(would really like an answer from some dev if possible, thank you in advance) Also if...