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  1. kidstretch

    TWRP on Mix 3, encryption question

    Hello, i have installed twrp 3.2.3 0214 by wzsx150, wiped data and decrypted the phone. Then i installed the previous EU rom (9.3.14), but when i tried to install the latest update, twrp asks for my pin password to decrypt the phone. I thought that this version of twrp worked fine. Is there...
  2. kidstretch

    Miui backup

    On the Mi Mix 3 Miui cloud backup does not work, i've tested all the weekly roms so far. Is there any solution? Thanks in advance.
  3. kidstretch

    Mi3 Google hangout problem

    The hangout application won't send push notifications, it worked fine with Mi2, and it works with my Oppo Find 5,I have the latest version. Is this a bug? Mi3 has so many problems :-(
  4. kidstretch

    New Themes application showing Chinese even in English

    The themes application is showing the menu in Chinese, no matter what language i put in the system! Is this a bug? I remember at one time i used to see the menus in English (earlier rom). I have the latest rom now.
  5. kidstretch

    Photos on mp3s?

    I have an Mi3 with the latest ROM. I have some mp3s with covers embeded on them, but they do not show on the player. The only way for them to show is to choose an image for the mp3, but i don't want that. Can't the player read the image from the mp3? Isn't this possible? :(
  6. kidstretch

    New Mi3 WDCMA Phone app bug?

    Everytime someone calls me, i can see the phone screen menu (to answer or reject the call) but after one second it disappears and i have to go to the drop down menu and restore the call app screen. I'm running the latest 4.3.7 multilanguage.
  7. kidstretch

    Camera RAW file question

    So i bought a new WCDMA Mi3, put the multilanguage rom, but where is the setting to take a RAW format pic?
  8. kidstretch

    How can i restore the Hongmi to the original stock version?

    I tried to put the multilanguage version, i succeeded but now i lost my IMEI on the phone, i cannot put it with any tools i found. Can i restore to the original version so it works again?
  9. kidstretch

    Tried to install multilanguage, failed, now stuck in boot logo!

    I tried to install the multilanguage rom, but it failed and now it's stuck on the boot logo, any suggestions how i can restore it?
  10. kidstretch

    New Why won't any notification app work?

    Why doesn't any notification app work in the current (and earlier versions?) I remember some version ago i could use some apps like Light Flow or Knock2+ but now nothing, even if i enable them.
  11. kidstretch

    New Mi2S multilanguage rom, not dispaying Greek characters correctly on contacts

    There is a problem displaying Greek contacts correctly on the left square. I'm putting an example below, the name on the right is correct, but the font on the left fails to put the correct punctuation.
  12. kidstretch

    Question about installing the multilanguage rom

    As of this week's update, i was installing the update to System 1, but the latest update, MIUI v5 Multi Lang 3.6.14, was installed in System 2. Why did this happen? I didn't choose to do it. Can i uninstall it from System 2 and install it to System 1?
  13. kidstretch

    What's up with the sound?

    I'm very happy with the mi2 phone, but a little disappointed with the sound. The problem is in the phone calls, on speaker and when using the xiaomi headphones. The volume Is really low. Isn't there a way to fix this through a new rom?
  14. kidstretch

    Resolved 3.3.22 cannot search contacts

    There is no option to search contacts in the search settings :(
  15. kidstretch

    I want to format the phone, some questions

    I want to format my Mi2, i am making a ull backup of the phone. How can i erase everything from both partitions and then restore everything?
  16. kidstretch

    New Xiaomi MI2- 3.3.15 screen stays on

    In this 3.3.15 version (and the previous one), i have this problem. The screen stays on, even though i have the setting to close in 1 minute. So, i'll just turn it off with the key but then it opens after a while (while reveiving a mail etc) and stays on... This happens a lot of times, many...
  17. kidstretch

    Mi2 internal memory almost full, move apps?

    Hello, is it possible to move apps from the internal memory to the sd memory? I'm using the Mi2, thanks!
  18. kidstretch

    Oppo Find 5 support?

    I'm thinking of buying an Oppo Find 5, was wondering if there is a MIUI rom for it, or at least will be. Thanks!
  19. kidstretch

    New Clean recent apps problem

    When pressing home button and selecting the green icon to clean the recent/open apps, it also closes whatever you have opened in services (e.g. i have an app called Lightflow and another one called NotifierPro Plus). Before, in V4, pressing the clean open apps button, didn't disable those...
  20. kidstretch

    In Progress V5 can't select which gmail group to select in contacts

    In V4 i had the option to show only my 403 contacts (which is on my Gmail contacts, synced with Google) and not all 1000 mail addresses. Now, in V5 there is no such option, resulting in showing all my 1000 emails (even emails that i've only sent one time), contacts etc. in the People...