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  1. Parsifal'

    New Phantom, false, duplicate, clicks at the bottom of the xiaomi mi 11 screen

    Xiaomi Mi 11 (VENUS). Hello dear Xiaomi.EU developers! There is a clear problem with typing on my device (it doesn't matter which keyboard is installed). At the bottom of the screen, when you click on the "comma", "space" and "dot", there are duplicate clicks. (on the attached video I tried...
  2. Parsifal'

    Phantom, false, duplicate, clicks at the bottom of the xiaomi mi 11 screen

    I noticed this problem in the Telegram application, maybe there are others, but I did not notice a clear manifestation. In the applications "Notes", "Messages" and many more, I do not observe such a problem. Do you guys have this problem? It doesn’t look like a marriage of iron, because it...
  3. Parsifal'

    Invalid Media notification issue

    ВThe second is already a firmware with problematic media notifications. Please decide.
  4. Parsifal'

    New Dim screen on Xiaomi mi10 lock screen

    If a glitch with the brightness of the wallpaper on the lock screen, for a very long time, for some reason no one talks about it. Glitch manifests itself chaotically, a friend also has this. The photo clearly shows. Does anyone have such a glitch? The first photo of the norms, the second is a...
  5. Parsifal'

    New Quiet sound when recording video on a camera on mi 10 firmware 21.1.20

    On Mi 10 devices, when recording video from the camera, the sound became 3 times quieter.